To Kill a Mockingbird – character analysis essay

What inspires you? Whenever Nellie Harper Lee ended up being creating in regards for you to the trial regarding Tom Robinson, the lady stood a really real case to appear to for inspiration inside the Scottsboro Boys Trials, in the 1930’s.

“Those trials confirmed how history managed to get clear in which in the Deep South with the 1930’s, jurors are not ready to accord a new black man arrested for raping the white woman the particular usual presumption of innocence” (Linder, “The Trials of The Scottsboro Boy’s”). in Harpers Lee’s story, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, the lady uses your conflict of ‘person versus society’ for you to bring the actual injustice of African-American’s as well as their remedy in the hands involving Southern bigotry, for the focus of the world. Therefore, we see many commonalities involving the Scottsboro Boys Trials of the 1930’s as well as the trial involving Tom Robinson inside “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

The Actual main link among literature as well as history is that literature will be accustomed to report and represent history. The Actual a couple of are usually intertwined along with one another, history becoming factual form along with literature getting the particular artistic and entertaining form.

I believe which Harper Lee’s lifestyle inspired the girl to create “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

According to Harper Lee’s biography, she has been accepted towards the law institution at the School associated with Alabama from Tuscaloosa, nevertheless dropped out right after 1 as well as one-half many years to adhere to together with her true calling (Harper Lee.

Your Biography Channel website). I think that the girl experience through surviving in Monroeville, Alabama along with the girl knowledge associated with law, gave Lee a solid groundwork with regard to developing the storyline collection involving “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The trials of the Scottsboro Boys, was an event inside Alabama’s history which has many resemblances towards the literary trial involving Tom Robinson in Lee’s, “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Each trials possess conflict among African Americans as well as the deep seeded bigotry that features been prevalent inside the South throughout the 1930’s. Throughout the 1931 document on the Scottsboro Trials by the ACLU, it absolutely was noted that will usually the particular one factor that stands out most importantly of all is actually their (white people) minds is the fact that your black race has in order to be held down; as they put it, “The Nigger must be held inside his place.”

Repression, terror, and torture are the indicates which will do it (Ransdall. Record about The Actual Scottsboro, ALA.Case).

Parallels which are an simple process to discover throughout both trials include: the actual geographic place is Alabama, the time frame is the 1930’s, charges produced from white female(s) accusing African American/s involving rape along with finally, the particular racism with the townspeople But, upon closer look, we view parallels involving the novel’s Atticus Finch and the real-life judge James E. Horton, each involving whom acted throughout behalf associated with black men upon trial together using the phrases in the Alabama judge, that remind your reader involving Atticus Finch’s address for the jury and his awesome advice for you to his children. Harper Lee’s own father, such as Atticus Finch, favored ethics and morality over regulations despite his profession. Seeking in some other similarities, we see that the particular accusers throughout both trials had been poor, white, working-class girls that had secrets they were trying to include up by simply his or her costs associated with rape.

Samuel Leibowitz, defense attorney, inside a statement for the Scottsboro jury said, “The entire damnable thing was a frame-up associated with a pair of irresponsible women” (Daniell. NY Times). Your juror’s in the Scottsboro trials dismissed evidence that the ladies confirmed no injuries as well as within the Robinson trial, in which Tom were built together with a useless left arm therefore he could not have inflicted the actual injuries to Mayella Ewell as the lady accused. the bigotry of the people about both juries stopped them via considering the evidence without racism influencing their verdict. 1 final similarity between these two trials was the particular attempted escape involving Tom Robinson and also Ozie Powell. Tom Robinson had been killed while Ozie Powell was shot within the head. Harper Lee’s personal lifestyle and also the woman’s personal experiences are generally the foundation of every among the girl characters and additionally the environment associated with her story. she has been five yrs . old when the Scottsboro Trials began in Alabama. Whenever your woman wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird”, the actual Civil Legal Rights Movement ended up being prevalent and also growing throughout the south. through the woman’s book, the lady brought international focus simply by highlighting the actual attitudes involving bigotry and racism toward minorities within America, particularly within the South. in conclusion, by means of your ex inspiration, Harper Lee manages to show how law and also lifestyle bond within “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Your Woman creates this change by simply creatively combining private knowledge, experiences as well as documented historical events in to the girl work. while the girl story may not be totally factual, as an author, she has woven her experiences in in order to a persuasive story of the white youngster maturing in the society that allows racism and bigotry.

The boys of the Scottsboro Trials became victims of this society.


To Kill a Mockingbird – wikipedia

To Kill a Mockingbird character analysis essay

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