Netherlands vs Australia Highlights

Vuvuzelas audio also it fills your stadiums using a noise that is still heard ringing in the ears of millions times later, even months right after it’s ended. The Particular overwhelming sensation involving excitement spreads via the actual veins of everyone watching as well as those on the fringe of their particular seats just waiting for that next goal to be scored, determining who wins the world cup and also takes residence your famous gold “FIFA world Cup Trophy.” the World Cup is a tournament that arrives each and also every four a extended time along with lasts any month long with tournaments every day coming from June 13th- July 13th The Planet Cup brings in the whirlwind of excitement and also emotions.

This victorious event will probably be held in Brazil inside the 12 months involving 2014 yet before June 13th hits, there exists a enormous amount involving planning to be done. Using all associated with the preparations leading up to the world Cup we tend to be heading to capture the particular trials and tribulations via your eyes of 4 locals inside Rio de Janeiro. First, we’ll film one yr prior to hand along with capture everyday routine with out the particular world Cup. We will require a take a glance at how Brazilians stay his or her lives on a day in order to day basis without having your chaos and media focus with the event. We will do that by following four individuals, interviewing these about how exactly they feel in regards to become able to the Globe Cup and how it will be affecting his or her day-to-day routine. Our 2nd round of filming will location our crews with the same 4 peole on the day of the initial game throughout Rio de Janeiro. the World Cup will take the world by simply storm each as well as every four years. Although in America, soccer has just lately gained a large following, it may be any method of existence with regard to generations in many countries all through the world. We could identify with this phenomenon somewhat if we relate it to the impact in the Olympics when they were locked in Atlanta, Georgia throughout 1996. An event of this scale gets all-consuming and also places the actual area as well as country under any worldwide microscope.    

The Globe Cup produces a whirlwind of excitement along with years of preparation that will costs as well as generates an amazing amount of dollars. Numerous sports inside America use a strong following and also fan-base, but nothing can easily genuinely become in comparison for you to that of soccer overseas. Countries like Mexico, Spain and also Brazil examine soccer, its players, and furthermore the games, like a method of life. Brazil specifically has been recognized for its talented and also renowned soccer (“futebol”) team throughout the particular years and they possess won five Globe Cups. from the surface searching in, Brazil may be called one of the actual powerhouses, if not the actual powerhouse involving soccer worldwide. Your fact that FIFA and many sorts of associated with another governing and deciding bodies get chosen to put the world Cup 2014 inside Brazil generates further excitement, but within addition areas this country below near watch from viewers worldwide.

As we noticed using the world Cup 2010 throughout South Africa, any nation could be drastically altered and affected through such a large-scale event. We want to produce this documentary for you to shed mild around the impacts, trials and jubilation involving this kind of extraordinary event. Although many see the great things about internet hosting this kind of event, you will find plenty regarding drawbacks as well. We want to generate an in-depth look involving this phenomenon, your Globe Cup, as well as demonstrate in addition how it affects the country which is producing your event. Thus significantly continues behind the actual scenes and many lives are impacted, whether negatively or positively. Simply By subsequent 4 real people with every day jobs and average, regular lives, we desire to inform your public in the on-goings in the preparation for that world Cup, too as how individual lives are usually impacted. We want to follow 4 people; a new ticket scalper, police officer, a fan and a street vendor.

Through this we aspire to achieve an even more personal look at this kind of immensely grand event. We need to inform your public with the preparations concerned in the Globe Cup as well since the madness that will ensues once all associated with it begins. We will chronicle this enormous worldwide soccer tournament through your eye area involving normal daily Rio de Janeiro citizens inside the attempt to exhibit a real-life perspective of your fantastical and also media-centric event. Although you can easily find documentaries aplenty, ours is different in that it shows the actual impact on the nation and its citizens, something many viewers in the world Cup never consider. Simply By creating a personal along with impactful narrative that will remarks on economic repercussions, nationalism as well as pride, we hope to appeal for you to viewers who want for you to view a cultural view of soccer which includes never before been created. Nicknamed “Cidade Maravilhosa” — Portuguese pertaining to “marvelous city” — Rio de Janeiro conjures many images such as Ipanema Beach as well as the famous Cristo Redentor statue atop Corcovado Mountain. but throughout 2014, among one of the most important global sporting events, your Globe Cup, will arrive in Brazil exactly where soccer — or futebol as they know it — will be the lifeblood with the culture. after FIFA announced Brazil because the hosts of the 2014 Globe Cup upon October 30, 2007, a new distinct group of images would materialize for that population regarding Rio de Janeiro.

Once upon an occasion it had been your web site of the ultimate match with the 1950 world Cup within Maracanã Stadium. Uruguay originated in behind to find over its host 2-1, despite the real fact that Brazil was heavily favored following getting rid of previous opponents Spain and Sweden. Since then, Rio de Janeiro continues for you to be the location to find a few of Brazil's most widely used soccer clubs: Botafogo, Fluminense, Vasco da Gama along with Flamengo. Together With a past and offer like this, tensions and also expectations will certainly become high, especially where soccer is so inter-meshed with their culture. Picking to be able to film in Rio de Janeiro will capture much involving this drama connected with the Globe Cup even as adhere to our 4 subjects: law enforcement officer, the actual fan, the street vendor and the ticket scalper. Throughout general, we wish to always be able to keep your area surrounding Maracanã Stadium as our locus of interest, but this isn't always realistic. The Actual subjects possess dynamic lives each as well as every and each day, especially as the Globe Cup draws closer, so it might be a challenge to stay below the actual shadow with the venue. As each and also every subject travels via various areas of the city, the camera crews will have to make critical judgment calls about when to become able to uncap the actual lens. Our film crews can be ready to capture the actual best footage in some involving Rio de Janeiro's many thrilling sites. the city is renowned for its soccer, tourism, night life along with beaches, but we’ll need to focus about the North Zone. That contains several neighborhoods along with important tourist attractions, which includes our primary filming location, Maracanã Stadium, that is positioned inside the Tijuca neighborhood. That is the location to end up being able to find many with the center class residents as well as the lower class favelas, which are crime-ridden neighborhoods full of poorly built shanties.

Our police officer will certainly be answering calls via this poor portion of Rio de Janeiro exactly where our ticket scalper can always be a resident. Our street vendor as well as soccer fan will also be residents in the Rio North Zone. The idea can there be inside the North Zone that people will want to follow alongside with each and every of our characters within their homes. once inside his or her homes, our camera crews could film the particular outcomes of your world Cup on the Brazilian household unit. We will discover just how the house family life is transformed each demographically and psycho-graphically.

Questions may be answered such as:

  • a) has new disposable income, as provided from the world Cup's economic opportunities, increased the actual family's standard regarding living?
  • b) has Brazilian pride inside its national sport entered the particular house life?
  • c) Offers the importance of residence security changed due for the hysteria associated with just about all the world Cup?

Once these questions are answered, a more complete view of the character will be revealed and analyzed by the audience. Yet Another group of essential sites will possibly be public centers pertaining to transportation. The Actual main modes regarding transportation tend to be by simply municipal train along with bus lines since generating simply by car is quite difficult. Because Of to an excellent deal of highway congestion, cars often move in a snail-like pace. important themes will manifest on their own as we journey both to be able to as well as from each and also every location. These kind of places, which are usually replete using a colorful culture, is planning to be amplified in the presence with the Globe Cup. The Particular documentary will actively connect the actual dots among Brazil's national pride and their national sport from these various locations. The Particular Maracanã Stadium will possibly be the most essential site. Generally there we are generally going to capture every in our characters' paths intersecting outside along with inside the venue. Your fan will obviously always be destined for that stadium itself; the trail vendor will setup shop as close to the stadium as you possibly can so concerning snag probably the particular most customers as possible; as well as the policeman will have critical interactions with the ticket scalper, that will be acting contrary for you to the law.

Many memorable characters exist inside a documentary just such as every other genre associated with film. Your aim is always to capture reality yet there is actually certainly simply no must transfer away from the act associated with story telling. The Actual thought behind the characters of our documentary is usually that they all are connected through each other from the responsibilities these people carry out throughout your documentary.. Our initial character for you to appear can be the police officer. Juan Sminho can be 38 along with works for the Rio de Janeiro tourist police. He performs standard policing within the streets of Rio simply by assisting tourists along with pointing these in the appropriate direction to exactly where they are headed. Juan in addition performs similar duties from what the particular united states police force will but he’s not really as involved along with crime as our police forces are. He lives on the north aspect inside a a pair of bedroom apartment together using his wife along with brother. He does not result from any wealthy loved ones nevertheless would inherit some through his mothers as well as fathers when they were murdered 10 years back inside a robbing which in turn pushed him for you to grow for you to be section of the particular Brazil police force to assist keep items like this through taking place along along with other families. He can have the actual audience what it is like in everyday activity as being a tourist officer, then there will possibly be a dramatic alter of pace per year later on the chaotic streets regarding Rio where his obligations are genuinely place for the test effortlessly the particular tourist within city for the Globe Cup games. Juan's duties will be to do crowd control, assist tourists and also look for ticket scalpers; this is a highly illegal offense throughout Brazil. Nearly All all associated with us have seen the ticket scalper before, but when not, those are generally the ones in which stand around the corners of concert/sport venues then sell these very final minute tickets needed for your fans. Ticket scalping is very illegal throughout Brazil along with punishable through jail time, yet that will not stop our scalper coming from risking all associated with it pertaining to a little extra cash. We will observe Gustavo Silva, a new thirty-four yr previous Rio native who may have never left the particular North region. He functions as a ticket scalper primarily, yet throughout the slow several weeks tries to produce ends meet through helping out from his parents' modest fruit stand in the outskirts involving Rio.

The popularity associated with soccer as being a sport, particularly within Brazil, immediately effects his livelihood along with well-being. Viewing Gustavo throughout his element each just before as well as through the Globe Cup will produce a dynamic story for that viewers. Viewers will identify using Gustavo's endearing and persuasive personality simply because associated with his hard-working attitude. Ticket scalping just became illegal throughout Brazil, which can be obviously the threat pertaining to Gustavo. the documentary will demonstrate the discrepancies in this law as it is not severely enforced until the actual world Cup inside 2014. The Actual effects of this upon Gustavo will prove being detrimental. with cash becoming tight and having to locate work wherever possible, some residents regarding Rio do not really have a choice. Our team provides substantial hopes for our scalper he will sell a ticket to become able to our next character, the particular fan. What is truly a team without having its fans; much like any sandwich with out bread. A New sandwich does not are present without bread a lot just like a team will be nowhere without fans. Soccer fans have been seen using their “fandom” to the extreme, but the much more extreme it is, the harder the actual team feels honored as well as welcome. Brazil soccer fans are usually famous throughout the world pertaining to their particular enthusiasm along with carnival atmosphere in the world Cup. Numerous soccer managers will frequently declare that soccer fans can easily work as an added man or possibly the infamous “12th Man” and also this is obviously the case when Brazil plays in front of over 100,000 soccer fans in the famous Maracanã Stadium. the fans tend to be not necessarily as supportive though, in fact, they can be rather harsh. This kind of had been shown once the team came residence after the 2006 world cup without any win, based on Kevin McNally involving E-zine Articles and at other resources such like: . We hope to capture all regarding this excitement while subsequent about our devoted fan, if Brazil loses then it will possibly be possible our film will get a lot more interesting with almost all the outrage that the united states may have upon them. Picking a fan with regard to our documentary was tough yet we now have found one that genuinely exhibits your spirit necessary to connect with our audience. Paulo Cardoso is actually originally via Rio and also lived there until he had been 18. once old enough, he moved to the United States Associated With America for you to show up at school yet soon wished to return to his residence nation right after graduating. Paulo is a enterprise main but will be presently operating with his mother as well as father coffee shop as a manager to aid these people out. He is 28 and continues for you to be a devoted futebol fan since he had been born, based on him. Each 4 many years he gathers across the huge screens within Rio for you to watch Brazil triumph, as well as try to, more than their own competitors. He will just take us through the particular festivals inside Rio which includes “Fan Fest Rio 2014.” His grandfather attended the actual Globe Cup within 1950 when it was final locked in Brazil adopted from the world Cup within 1978 held in Argentina and also now Paulo's father went alongside. Paulo has been saving the maximum amount of funds as he can easily to become able to support the tickets which consequently many other people strive to have. He does not plan on buying a ticket prior to the games credited to end up being able to hopefully cheaper costs about game day. He will possibly be a huge aid on guiding us around Rio because of to our unfamiliarity towards the city. Paulo brings to the documentary the particular familiar language associated with English nevertheless using the Brazilian traditions that we could all stand to learn from. He also as numerous other fans will interact with many individuals nevertheless as always, he can acquire a few type of goods from a street vendor prior to the game. This particular will allow regarding our fan and street vendor to interact with one another. There will be any numerous amount involving street vendors attempting to sell anything they’ve that will represents the world renowned Brazil “Futebol” Team. Our film crews will follow about one vendor which creates shop shut towards the stadium inside hopes associated with catching the most business. Gearing up for that world Cup has a great deal of preparation, which could be why it is imperative that people catch her one year before hand before your woman starts purchasing products and also preparing for your mass numbers of fans to be able to flood the actual capital regarding scotland- Rio.

Claudia Trigoso, 26, lives inside the favelas within the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Below regular circumstances Claudia deals using irregular employment due for you to his lower socioeconomic standing, however the arrival with the world Cup will leave your ex with the opportunity to transform the woman’s situation. Your Woman has applied for you to Eurosport catalog to always be able to offer some involving their merchandise near Maracanã stadium. Soon, with almost all the proper licenses, the lady is likely to be cleared by Rio's municipal administrators to always be able to set up on this area. Claudia hopes she could make adequate revenue to begin out a company involving her own following the world Cup as well as its excitement wane. with this within mind, the lady might someday hold the opportunity to move out of the North Zone favelas right straight into a safer, a lot more affluent neighborhood where she hopes to start a loved ones group involving the woman’s own. Additionally to always be able to highlighting modifications coming from lifestyle ahead regarding the Globe Cup in order to existence through the tournament in the perspective of our own 4 main characters, our camera crew will enterprise out into the streets as well as nearby pubs. Our crew will conduct first-hand interviews along with daily citizens to get an improved grasp around the impact of the world Cup around the people involving Rio. The Particular filming crew asks the actual public questions pertaining to always be able to how a world Cup has economically impacted his or her businesses, their own transportation round the city, as well as if these people is planning to be watching or even attending the particular Globe Cup. Generally there are many components that go into creating a documentary outside of the characters, areas as well as themes. Although the actual overarching themes can make a big impact on our viewers, your intricate details disbursed throughout the actual film will contribute drastically towards the overall really feel in the documentary. All Through the actual documentary our characters along with spots will possibly be introduced making use of typewriter text as it will be typed across a blank screen. the segments won’t automatically always be rigidly formatted however the characters will be released because they fall into place inside the documentary. Aside in the interviews included in our film it will primarily remain inside the observational category of documentary film making. By Simply having a third-party neutral approach towards the film the audience will obtain a practical along with individual view into the lives of the residents associated with Rio. Our documentary will goal a sizable demographic thanks for the psychological and sports aspects also because the excitement generated from your FIFA Globe Cup overall. We desire to target ages eighteen for you to 60 by simply putting this sixty minute documentary on the significant network such as ABC. We initially contemplated airing the particular documentary about ESPN due for you to its sports focus, yet eventually agreed which ABC would be the particular best choice. not only is it a new well-respected main network, nevertheless our aim is to capture the world Cup viewers pertaining to our documentary. by airing Joga Bonito about the network that’s already broadcasting all with the Globe Cup games, we’ll get the attention in the avid soccer fans whom will hopefully already become watching ABC (the world Cup video games will probably be employed as somewhat of a lead-in regarding our documentary). Inside order to produce a lot more viewers, we tend to be likely to air advertisements throughout the month in the world Cup tournament to generate buzz as well as excitement. throughout this month, the public will have sufficient time and also energy to listen to and learn about our documentary. The Particular documentary “Joga Bonito” will air as getting a prime-time special several times prior in order to the world Cup finals. The Actual title of our own documentary, Joga Bonito, is actually meant to evoke the spirit as well as essence of soccer and also regarding Brazil. This particular term is Portuguese for “The Lovely Game” which could be commonly accustomed to describe Association football, also called futebol or soccer. When soccer ended up being originally produced and also guidelines were formally established, it was referred to as “The Simplest Game”.

This eventually evolved into The Gorgeous Game, or perhaps Joga Bonito, each period a famous Brazilian player named Pele named his biography The Attractive Game. Since this term has become widely used when referring to the sport associated with soccer, and due in order to its roots and also foundations in the nation involving Brazil, we found Joga Bonito like a installing title with regard to our documentary. Joga Bonito will, as formerly stated, provide for you to its viewers any discourse of national identity as well as the impact with the world Cup about the citizens associated with Brazil within your context involving a difficult adventure by means of your streets involving Rio. the juxtaposition of the individual take a peek at the actual 4 characters as well as the mainstream international media event known as the world Cup will develop a distinctive and potent documentary. This concept appeals to the masses since it addresses a worldwide event. within this discourse, however, we visit the particular private implications associated with such an event and the role regarding nationalism as well as pride within a global context. Simply By contrasting lifestyle ahead of the Globe Cup along with existence during one of the initial games, the actual drastic cultural as well as societal changes which exist in preparation associated with such an event will be highlighted. Your emotional appeal involving this documentary will intrigue viewers while informing all of them regarding international existence as well as the results of an event in which thrusts a nation in in order to the international spotlight.

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