Conflict Management


This paper explains that without any conflict, organizational life would be stagnant and eventually would get obsolete and collapse. The author relates that there are two different types of conflict: Emotional, which is personal, often defensive and essay writer life hacks based on resentment; and cognitive, which is an argument about the merits of ideas, plans and projects. The paper points out that conflicts in teams can be generally classified into three types: Relationship, task and process conflicts.

From the Paper:

“Culture, upbringing, the society in which individuals grow and live, all have the ability of influencing culture or culture tolerance. Conflict tolerance is often determined by how individuals view policy, evaluate decisions and relate to others in the society. (Dunlop, 2003) Individuals display different personalities and traits when dealing with conflicts and with situations that can produce conflicts. Biltman identified five different personality styles when dealing with conflicts: competing, accommodating, avoiding, collaborating, and compromising. (Blitman, 2002) It is important to note that conflicts in teams are often the result of difference in opinions between two or more people. Consequently, every individual may have radically different ways in which he or college essay topics for temple university she deals with the conflicts.”

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